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 The Temple of Hathor (Deir el-Medina),

 p. 35.


Williams, S. W

Date: 1845

Location: Hall, wall 8

Recording: RDK 1081


Biographical details: none

Bibliography: none



Biographical details:


Samuel Wells Williams was born in Utica, New York on 22 September 1812 to William Williams and Sophia (Wells) Williams. He studied at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. On graduation he was elected as a Professor of the Institute. On 15 June 1833, and still in his twenties, he sailed to China to take charge of the printing press of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions at Guangdong. On returning from one of his voyages in 1845, instead of returning directly from his mission in China, Williams made stops in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bombay, Egypt, Jerusalem, Malta, Rome, Paris, and London.  He arrived back in New York in October 1845 and married Sarah Walworth on 20 November that year. From 1848 to 1851 Williams was the editor of  The Chinese Repository, a leading Western journal published in China. Williams returned to the United States in 1877 and became the first Professor of Chinese language and Chinese literature in the United States at Yale University. He was nominated as president of the American Bible Society on 3 February 1881. Samuel Wells Williams died on 16 February 1884.




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