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William Jowett 1787-1855


Roger O. De Keersmaecker


Son of John Jowett, skinner by trade and early member of the Church Missionary Society.

William Jowett, born 23 September 1787, died at Clapham, South London 20 February 1855, Married in 1815, Martha Whiting, daughter of  John Whiting of Little Palgrave, Norfolk, born 22 October 1789, died 24 June 1829, they had six children:



Mary Ann Jowett, born 24 March 1816 Malta, died 12 November 1868 Brighton.

William Banks Jowett, born 14 Augustus 1820 Malta, died 20 February 1846 Clapham,

(B.A. of St. John’s College, Cambridge).  

Eliza Caroline Jowett, born 22 June 1822 Malta, died 18 November 1829 Blackheath.

John Whiting Jowett, born 2 January 1825, died 25 October 1842.

Charlotte Emily Jowett, born 5 January 1827 Malta, died 8 July 1837 Pentonville.

Henrietta Jowett, born 20 September 1828 London, died 25 December 1871 Ockbrook, Derbyshire. 




William Jowett was the first to publish (1822) the story that made such commotion at the arrival of Nathaniel Pearce in the Consulate in Cairo looking for Henry Salt. Rev. William Jowett, Christian Researches in the Mediterranean, p. 123. The two others who wrote about the event was John Fuller, also present at the at the same time (1830), and Nathaniel Pearce, (1831) himself:





Soon after my first arrival at Cairo, in the beginning of 1819, while sitting at dinner, at the British Consulate, with Mr. Fuller, an English Gentleman who was also residing there, the servant came in, with a tall man, dressed in a sheep-skin, earnestly inquiring if we were Englishmen. The Italian Servant had declared he was ; and he was, in consequence, waiting with his camels at the gate of the Consulate; till, hearing that two English Travellers were within, he desired us to say whether or no he was English. I immediately knew him, and asked if his name was not Pearce. In short, this was the extraordinary man, whom Mr. Salt, our Consul General, had left in Abyssinia, and of whom he gave the interesting account, in a Letter to me, which was printed in the Missionary Register for August 1817. Troubles in Abyssinia had compelled him to quit the country. He had brought with him a young Native Woman, who lived with him as his wife. He came by the way of Massowah and Suez, and hardly expected ever to arrive in Cairo.   


The three man were planning to go to the south to meet Salt on his way back to Cairo. Jowett and Pearce travelled in one boat, they left Cairo on February 6, 1819. See Roger O. De Keersmaecker, Travellers’ Graffiti from Egypt and the Sudan, Volume I, The Kiosk of Qertassi, Berchem, Antwerpen 2001, p. 12, 13, 14, 15.

p. 141, While at Assouan, I twice visited Philae (it is on one of his to trips to Philae that he left his graffito.






RDK 597




Philae, Temple of Isis, first pylon, near the Desaix inscription





The Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard of St Mary’s Church, Lewisham, 50 pages.  (10/06/2012).

Page. 29, 30.






452. [262]. In memory of Martha, the beloved wife of the Rev. William JOWETT, M.A. She was eleven years resident as a missionary in Malta born Oct. 22 1789 died June 24, 1829. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ". Eliza Caroline, their fourth child was born at Malta June 22, 1822 and died at Blackheath Nov. 18, 1829. "Of such is the kingdom of heaven". Charlotte Emily, their sixth child was born at Malta Jan. 5, 1827 and died at Pentonville July 8, 1837. "He shall gather the lambs in His arms and carry them in his bosom". John Whiting Jowett their second son, born Jan. 2, 1825 died Oct. 25, 1842. "Thy brother shall rise again".

453. [263]. In memory of the Rev. William Banks JOWETT, B.A. of St. John’s College, Cambridge elder son of the Rev. William Jowett, M.A. and Martha his wife born at Malta 14 Aug. 1820 died at Clapham 20 Feb. 1846. "Kept by the power of God through Faith, unto Salvation". The Rev. William Jowett, M.A. Incumbent of St. John’s Church, Clapham. He was connected with the Church Missionary Society from 1815 to 1840 First as Missionary in the Mediterranean and afterwards as clerical secretary to the parent society. Born 23 Sept., 1787, died at Clapham 20 Feb., 1855. "Be not slothful, but followers of them that through faith and patience inherit the promises". Mary Ann eldest daughter of the above born at Malta 24 March, 1816 died at Brighton 12 Nov. 1868 and buried there. "They that are with Him are called and chosen and faithful". Henrietta youngest and last surviving child of the above born at London 20 Sep. 1828 died at Ockbrook, Derbyshire 25 Dec. 1871 and buried there.


I wish to thank Julian Watson, of the Parochial Church Council, Lewisham. London SE13 6LE.



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