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Travellersí Graffiti from Egypt and the Sudan

Volume III  

 Philae - The Kiosk of Trajan,

p. 41-42


Robert Wood 1854

I. R. Ingledew Newcastle 1854

Date: 1854

Location: Inside, wall (11)

Record: RDK 557


No biographical and bibliographical information known

No other graffiti found of I. R. Ingledew


Remarks:  It is possible that the two above mentioned  persons travelled together.


Other graffito of Robert Wood



            RDK 348 Rock  :                    ROBERT




John Pybus Ingledew, was born 31 October 1832, died 31 December 1915, Newcastle upon Tyne.

He visited Egypt between  December 1853/May 1854.

He visited, accompanied with Robert Wood  (the son of his former landlord) the island of Philae on Thursday 19 January 1854 and returned to visit Philae on Sunday 22 January.

The Egypt diary of John Pybus Ingledew  consist of 54 pages on:



With courtesy of Michael Schwarz, Nogales Arizona USA